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  • Sustainable Paper Bags for 2018

    2018 will be the time for a new year resolution at Bag Mart, as Australia seeks higher use of paper bags for a sustainable future.

    Recycled paper and renewable plantation resources is the best environmental combination that offers quality paper bags at good prices - Bag Mart can to help you with carry bags that can be reused and recycled, making them the smart choice both for now and the years ahead. Not poor quality and appearance that many think has to be the case with recycled products, but high quality paper bags that are super strong and attractive, carry bags that your customers will enjoy using.

    Kraft brown and kraft white remain our most popular bags, with either the twisted paper or deluxe rope handles. Always practical and very presentable for a myriad of uses in medical, corporate, retail and event situations, our bags will out-perform the competition and give you confidence to load them up without fear of breakages.

    Coloured paper bags are also popular for that added touch of class, and we have a good range of quality new Gloss and Matt paper bags in this range. There are also the coloured kraft white bags that are fresh and bright, perfect to match with corporate colours and our tissue paper range.

    Thousands of customer have trusted Bag Mart over the last 12 years for their paper bag needs, and we look forward to helping you and the environment in 2018.

    New Year Greetings from the Bag Mart Team.

  • Paper Carry Bags for Christmas

    • Christmas packaging at wholesale prices - paper bags and tissue paper for your store, shop or event!
    • Fast and easy nation-wide shipping at the last minute.
    • Bright, festive colours to suit the Christmas season.

    That's our Christmas offer in a nutshell – perfect for this seasons rush, bustle and festivities.

    Why is it that Christmas should be such a difficult time of year for the retailer or event manager?We're here to help you get your packaging and presentation under control and running smoothly this Christmas so that you don't have to worry!

    Here are some inspiring packaging options that are eye-catching and look great. Paper carry bag and vivid tissue paper combinations of kaleidoscopic colour are the way to go.

    Christmas Tissue Paper 2017 NovTry a crisp kraft white bag with paper twist handles and a sheet of red and/or green tissue paper to flare the Christmas colours. The kraft brown with rope or paper twist handles has a warm and hearty look. Couple this with red, green, silver or gold tissue paper and you have a lovely gift presentation option. Pair these colours with any paper bag in our range!

    However, Christmas colours are not only red and green. It's summer time and all the bright, Australian colours of the season are celebrating too! For a beach Christmas the blue paper twist handle bag and a spray of white and silver tissue like the foaming waves is cool and refreshing. Try a sandy kraft brown and gold tissue paper too. Or for Christmas in the country, the kraft brown bags with the red, pink, yellow or purple colours of outback flowers or the bright blue of the sky. City Christmas, celebration, end of year company parties, corporate dinners – your business colours are all here. Christmas events – all the colours are right here for your event colour scheme.

    The possibilities and combinations are endless and they are waiting for you to discover this Christmas.

    Looking forward to helping you in the weeks ahead,

    The Bag Mart Team

  • Winery and Wine Store Paper Gift Bags

    With the arrival of Christmas and Summer down under, it's time to nose around for a perfect presentation of your fine wines. Paper bags are a secure and easy wrapping option for wine bottles. Australians love their single origin, home-country wines and enjoy the quality and excellence gained by our vineyards and estates. They appreciate artistry and service, presenting them with some of the best wines in the world. Wines are accepted and appreciated almost anywhere and make a wonderful gift.Wine store paper bags

    Fine wine is a popular gift and many guests bring along a vintage to a special occasion. We all would like to keep that bottle safe from being dropped and breaking! This is the perfect opportunity for the retail wine shop or winery to take care of its customers' purchase by providing them with a paper bag. Not only will it keep the glass bottle safe, it is a final signature service and impression on your customer - quality presentation for a quality gift.

    Our wine bag selection features kraft brown, pin-striped, elegant gloss black and white and printed bottle design all in single and double sizes. The top edge fold with cardboard insert for triple layer rope handle strength is made from water treated paper with fully glued seams and glued in cardboard base inserts.

    The Bag Mart team.

  • Paper Bags for Dress Shops

    One of the most special and pampering attentions you can give your customers is to fold their new dress in a layer of tissue paper and nestle it into a stylish paper bag. Customers relish this service as part of the pleasure of buying quality clothes. Walking around town flashing a chic paper bag makes every shopper feel good! Presentation of dresses, shirts, pants and skirts in this 'fashion' is an appealing aspect to clients and shows the retailer's respect and appreciation for top class.

    A difficulty for the boutique retailer is to find bags that aren't too expensive yet still look genuinely exclusive. When shopping online, many would agree that finding the right bag is not easy. Navigating through countless images and inspecting product size and features takes up precious time. Bag Mart presents our bags to the detail, having paid special attention to relative size comparison, lighting and placement so that our bags display their true quality and customers can see exactly what they're buying at a glance.

    Our beautiful and quietly elegant boutique range features the classy landscape paper bags that are especially suited to the fashion market. For a lustrous look try the laminated paper bags - gloss black or white with rope handles or the low sheen matte range in bronze or gold. The kraft brown boutique or kraft white boutique bags with black rope handles offer a beachy, sporty or folksy look which makes them highly versatile. This style also comes in purple, red, beige and black striped bags with rope handles.

    Dress Shops, a website offering a treasure trove of enlightening articles for serious business owners, lists 10 insider tips to enhance your boutique and will help you make your retail dress shop a success. Read the article here.

    Bag Mart Australia's paper carry bags have cradled many precious purchases and helped all of our retail dress shop customers - and we can help you too!

    The Bag Mart team.

  • Paper Carry Bags for BIG MUSIC!

    BIG MUSIC! is an ultimate rock music store for all rock music lovers in Sydney. Operating from a busy street in Crows Nest, they offer a huge range of instruments, accessories and services. Everyone is welcome in BIG MUSIC! where experienced staff guide people to the right purchase or activity, catering for all enthusiasts from beginners to the stars themselves. With expert advice at the ready, BIG MUSIC! continues to support and facilitate each musical journey.

    BIG MUSIC! provides the top brands of acoustic and electric guitars, amps, pianos, keyboards, drums, percussion and audio equipment. Guitar accessories and novelty extras around the store complete their selection. To make their customers truly satisfied and confident they have established a trusted and diverse product range and given attention to the finer details.

    BIG MUSIC! also teaches ambitious kids and adults to play the music they love and rocks their dreams into realities. They provide lessons, classes, activities, a school of rock, practice rooms, a recording studio and their very own stage for aspiring rock stars to perform for a real audience!

    Recently, Big music has been named as a Top 100 dealer of 2017 by the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM), the global association of music products and music retailers.

    BIG MUSIC! purchase kraft brown paper twist handle bags from Bag Mart, choosing a BIG! mix of toddler, medium, midi and small boutique styles. In keeping with their specialty they have opted for a tough, hard core bag that sets the stage and mood for BIG MUSIC!

  • SMASH! chooses Bag Mart Australia

    The Sydney Manga and Anime Show, SMASH!, celebrated Japanese art and pop culture on the weekend. Thousands of fans swarmed over Rosehill Gardens carrying their purchases in red plastic carry bags supplied by Bag Mart Australia. SMASH! is Australia's largest Japanese-culture festival, featuring events such as art, costume play, workshops, gaming and performance. Like-minded fans interact with each other, exhibit their own creative talents and stroll through the countless stalls and stores.

    SMASH! sells CD's, DVD's, games, models/figurines, paper craft and art each year in a highly busy environment. Here crowds of enthusiasts come to buy all the products SMASH! has to offer and tote them around for hours between events.

    Manga and Anime art is known for it's blazing colours and vivid illustrations. Posters and screenings of flashing, dynamic cartoon characters set the scene for celebration. This famous style of exciting and spirited cartoon images is truly unique to Japanese pop art. Equally unique were thousands of vibrant red plastic carry bags dotted throughout the sea of people- just like confetti!

    Smash 2017 Pic

    SMASH! bought 15,000 bags at a great price, meeting their budget requirements.

    The High Density matt finish and crisp texture of the HDPE bags suited the brilliantly-lit, electric atmosphere. With strong, die-cut handles, the bags were able to take relentless swinging, shaking, jolting and rough-handling with purchases inside. Our carry bags can withstand the activity of shoulder to shoulder bustle and SMASH! was confident that their customers' goods would be well taken care of.

    Carry bags are just as much an aesthetic decoration as a vital component of practical and personal service. The overall look of your event depends on the little details. Bag Mart Australia offers plastic carry bags at economic, wholesale prices to complement all types of events while fulfilling strength and visual requirements. Choosing the right bags is a decision that will enhance your event and keep your customers happy!

    The Bag Mart Team.

  • Bag Mart Paper Bags for The Games Shop

    Inner City Melbourne based retail & online shop The Games Shop have been a long time customer of Bag Mart Australia, preferring to use our Kraft brown paper carry bags instead of plastic bags. They have a great range of all sorts of games, both in the traditional physical board and card type games, right through to the sophisticated computer gaming.

    The Street Front Shop The Games Shop

    They loathe plastic bags and use our Deluxe version paper bags with the black rope handles, an extra touch of service. You can find them at The Games Shop, phone (03) 9602 2075, 328 Little Lonsdale Street Melbourne 3000.

    The Bag Mart Team.

  • Paper Bags for Florist & Fresh Flower Shops

    Busy florist shops need quality paper bags, and over the last 10 years Bag Mart Australia has served the fresh flower industry with paper bags of various shapes and sizes. With a demanding point of sale routine, retail Florists need the right support items on hand and high quality paper bags are definitely one of those items.

    The most common style is the Kraft Brown with paper twist handle, offering a good set of features. The first point is strength; water treated before manufacture, our paper bags are very strong even when they get slightly wet, offering a longer use time for items like fresh flowers where the water may escape and damage the bag. The second point is seam strength; every part of each seam is glued through, making each bag strong in the entire construction, a very important aspect when carrying fresh flowers that may lean on one part of the bag unevenly when carrying them. Thirdly is the handle strength; twisted paper handles that are glued into the top paper layer with a second strengthening strip, these paper handles will not pull out of the bag and provide the security needed for every customer.

    Finally, our wholesale quantity prices and fast delivery make the Bag Mart service one to trust right across Australia. On the go florists need reliable service support and Bag Mart has been providing this for over a decade.

    If you run a busy flower shop and take your business seriously, then Bag Mart is here to support you. Say it with flowers as they say - florists are an important part of our community, so we are pleased to be of service with quality brown paper bags.

    The Bag Mart Team.

  • Paper Carry Bags for Public & Private Hospital Events

    2017 has begun and Bag Mart Australia welcomes another year ahead serving customers with our quality paper carry bags.

    Over the years we have served customers from both private and public hospitals purchasing paper carry bags for events and conferences, and are pleased to be able to support this activity. A range of bags have been purchased, from the Kraft brown and Kraft white with paper twist handles, to bright coloured bags and deluxe striped bags with rope handles. All suitable for booklets, pamphlets, kids promotional gifts etc., strong enough to last the distance home with kids rough and tough handling, or the extended corporate conference program.

    If you are working in the public hospital or private hospital sector, then we can help with a paper carry bag for your event. The paper bags are available in carton quantity at affordable prices. Stickers are also an economical option for adding simple branding for the hospital and event names etc. - these are found at most local print shops using the new print technology. Coloured bags can also be helpful to match your corporate colours.

    Delivery is fast with warehouse dispatch in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and country NSW. There are Visa/Mastercard and Invoiced EFT payment options to suit your accounts requirements - all online for easy ordering 24-7.

    Events are an important aspect to the life of every public or private hospital, so don't trust just any bag supplier for your paper carry bags, trust Bag Mart Australia. We're here to serve you better in 2017!

    The Bag Mart team.

  • Festive Season Paper Carry Bags Wholesale

    It's that time of year again when things get busy and there's all those presents to buy, and it's a time when there is a high demand for our paper carry bags. No matter what type of retail product you sell, Bag Mart Australia is the paper carry bag specialist that can help you find just the right paper bag.

    An important upgrade to our range, recently included the Boxer Kraft Brown paper bags with paper twist handles. These come in three size, Small, Medium and Large. The most significant aspect to these bags in the gusset dimension, ranging from 280 to 330mm, ideal for so many larger boxed items or containers. The small and medium are in a lighter weight 80gsm kraft paper, and the large size is in a heavy duty 150gsm kraft paper, all featuring our regular water treated paper with fully glued seams and handles for maximum strength.

    The Boxer range has already been a popular size since it's introduction, and we hope you will find them useful too. Bag Mart continues to specialise in high quality paper carry bags in wholesale quantity, and we trust you will appreciate that quality when using our paper bags this festive season.

    We hope you have had a fruitful year and we thank you for your business... also trusting you have a safe and happy holiday season ready for the new year ahead 2017!

    The Bag Mart Team.

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