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  • Paper Carry Bags for Dentists & Dental Surgeries

    Paper Carry Bags are a specialty at Bag Mart Australia, especially when used for gift and special event options. Dentists running dental surgeries are one our main customers, using the bags for gift options with toothbrushes, toothpastes and other dental related items.

    Believe it or not, the presentation of a gift has much to do with the perceived value of the gift, and the simple touch of using quality paper carry bags is just one such touch of "class" that has helped many of our dental surgery customers. The smaller size bags are more popular here, with the Toddler size being most valued. These paper carry bags use paper twist handles that present very nicely, and are not only available in the regular brown and white kraft paper (crisp white being the most popular for dental surgeries), they come in a wide variety of bright colours, ideal for presentation to a dentists customers.

    Children are often recipients of these gifts, and we find that Orange is one of the most popular colours, along with the bright Pink and Lime green bags too. Again, the presentation makes all the difference, and helps our dental surgery customers to make a higher quality presentation, value adding to their customers for higher appreciation and return business.

    If you are a dental surgery looking for gift presentation ideas, or even for promotion display, Bag Mart can help you find just the right bag to say a "special thank you" to your customers, helping you care for them - helping them become relaxed and a regular customer for your dentists. You want them to feel great about coming to your dental surgery, and our paper carry bags can help you achieve that goal.

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