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  • Recycling Paper Bags Every Day

    One of the important features to look for in paper bags, is that they are fully recyclable. The paper itself for Bag Mart paper bags is produced from sustainable managed plantation forests in North China, and include 20% recycled paper. This combination ensures the continued supply of quality pulp for our paper bags and consistent quality of the paper itself. These two factors are significant features, allowing us to provide high quality paper bags that are not only very strong, but are economical too.
    The factory that makes the paper bags is in the very heart of North China’s forest region, and allows for the best process of forest-to-bag manufacturing. Once the pulp is produced, including the 20% recycled material, the paper is formed and then water treated. This treatment means the paper bags will not deform and fur at the surface if ever in contact with water. Sometimes customers get their bags wet when carrying something from the store for example, and this treatment stops immediate softening and tearing - it works to slow the breakdown of the paper fibres and to keep the surface looking sheer and complete for as long as possible.
    Recycling is an important part of our society now, as we attempt to work toward reusing as much in our every day activities. So we are pleased that the paper bags Bag Mart offer are of such high quality, and give opportunity for this to happen.
    There is also a chance for customers to re-use the paper bags themselves in everyday life. Taking them to the supermarket or sending a gift to a friend are a couple of simple ways to reuse our paper bags. The carry handles are very strong too, and will also help this multi-use recycling. The high quality of the paper itself, as mentioned before, is also a feature that gives opportunity to do this.
    We hope you will be able to re-use our paper bags many times over as you look to recycling as much as possible in your every day activities.

    The Bag Mart team.

  • 2016 New Year Paper Bags Wholesale

    Welcome to 2016 from Bag Mart Australia, we wish you another year of success. Paper bags in wholesale carton quantity continue to be our specialty, celebrating 11 years of supply to thousands of Australian customers.
    Brown Kraft bags with paper twist handles are our most popular range, servicing many types of customers in different businesses. The strong design with fully glued seams, water treated paper and twist handles has proven over the years to be valuable in many varied uses.
    Bright coloured and white Kraft bags are the next most popular,adding a special touch to any gift or product inclusion. Adding the tissue paper range is a perfect way to spice up the regular white kraft bags, and can accommodate most corporate colour schemes.
    The deluxe Striped range is also popular for an additional touch, featuring the brown Kraft paper bag base with cardboard inserts, and the printed stripe on the outside with rope handle to match. Wine bottle paper bag versions of these are also available, chosen often for corporate gift presentation.
    It remains a pleasure to offer such quality paper bags at affordable wholesale prices to Australian customers, and we look forward to the year ahead - from the Bag Mart team.

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