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  • Paper Bags for Natural Beauty Clinic Products

    Natural Beauty Clinic treatment is a growing business, and there are many care products that customers may purchase and take after a session. Bag Mart offers paper bags in wholesale quantity, perfect for use in the beauty clinic business.

    Products here include many cremes and lotions that customers need to carry away with them after therapy, and therefore these businesses need quality paper bags to put these items in. Bag Mart has such customers using our bags to good use. Our wide variety of quality bags, presented in clean Kraft brown or white with either paper twist handles in the same colours, or the black rope handle in deluxe versions, are strong enough to take the weight of such items.

    Coloured paper carry bags are also a specialty at Bag Mart, offering bright colours that can match corporate colours and be enhanced with a wide array of tissue paper colours. The coloured Bright range feature white Kraft paper inside with a white paper twist handle, with the printed non-bleed colour on the outside only. Very clean and crisp, perfect for skin care customers with flare.

    If you are operating a Natural Beauty Clinic, then please visit our online store and discover the quality range of paper bags on offer, in carton quantity and wholesale prices.

    The Bag Mart Team.

  • Trade Show Plastic & Paper Bags - the finishing touch.

    Over the past 11 years, Bag Mart has provided plastic and paper bags for customers running trade show events. Every year the time comes around for a trade show presentation, which often incorporates items that are give to stand visitors. Such items are usually grouped and need some kind of carry bag to keep them together. Of course it's an opportunity for colour co-ordination and branding, making our bags perfect for the job. Paper bags are the most popular, with printed branding via full print-on-bag or economical stickers for lower quantity. Plastic bags are also used to good effect, with our range covering a useful spectrum of colours that suit most corporate colour branding.

    The bags need to be strong too, a point that has proven valuable over the years - all our bags are designed to take the weight of most products used at trade shows, and this is critical to the lasting value of a visitors experience with our customers. A bag that lasts, give long term advertising and higher rate of return business. Plastic or paper bags, strong colours, white or brown Kraft papers... all varieties that are sure to last the distance and continue to serve long after the trade show event.

    Trade shows are a hive of activity, with much effort being put into presentation, so finding the right plastic or paper bag is very important. At Bag Mart we specialise in Paper Bags Wholesale, carton quantity at affordable prices, and Plastic Bags Wholesale, with the same carton quantity and affordable pricing. Easy 24-7 online ordering, together with fast delivery services, makes us one of the leading online wholesalers of plastic and paper bags online.

    We hope you will find the right bags, just right for your trade show event, and make us a regular part of your bag needs in the future.

    The Bag Mart Team

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