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  • Paper Bags for Vets and Vet Products

    If you are a Vet and sell Vet Products to your customers, then Bag Mart has the paper bags for your every day needs. Several of our customers are Vets running vet practices and they purchase paper bags for the items that customers purchase after a visit.

    Popular paper bags for Vets are the Brown Kraft with Paper Twist Handles, in smaller sizes up to the Midi. Other options chosen are the Bright Colours with Paper Twist Handle, for something striking and to match the colour scheme of the Vet practice. These bags are very strong and perfect for the medications given for after-visit pet care.

    Having quality paper bags for Vet Products is a good choice for couple of reasons. Customers value that extra touch when purchasing from their Vet, something personal that will help them keep the items together. This means they won't be disappointed when trying to locate such items if a paper bag is not provided; frustrating and reflects poorly on the Vet practice.

    It may seem like a small thing, but providing paper bags to customers of Vets for their vet products is an important service aspect - maybe not noticed until they don't receive one! So we encourage you to look at our range of quality paper bags, and trust we can help you as we have done for other vets over the years.

    The Bag Mart team.

  • Paper Bags for Health Food Stores

    Health food stores are regular users of paper bags, the small paper carry bag type or the Supermarket Grocery paper bags without handles in Kraft Brown being most suitable. Over the last 10 years Bag Mart has been supplying health food stores with such paper bags.

    In a Health Food store environment, the supermarket grocery bags are ideal for customers purchasing small items. Our range of these Kraft paper bags is ideal for a range of item sizes, from small to large, with enough height to fold over for a strong handle grip position. The bags themselves are very strong and feature 110gsm water treated paper with fully glued seams.

    Kraft brown paper carry bags in the smaller sizes can be of help too. The paper twist handles on this style of bag is very strong and can take a good load of items without tearing off.

    Simple stamp or sticker options used on our regular stock items, together with a custom printing service solution, can value ad the paper bags with your own store branding.

    In a busy retail environment with so many items to manage, having good strong paper bags is very important. Along with our regular customers, we trust you too will benefit from our range of quality paper bags and use Bag Mart for your Health Food Store paper bag needs in the years ahead.

    The Bag Mart team.

  • Paper Bags for Wedding Planners - Bag Mart Australia

    Wedding planners, coordinators and stylists around Australia have been using Bag Mart paper bags to good use. Weddings are special events that can be from the simple to the very elaborate and the Bag Mart paper bag range are up to the task for a whole range of uses in the wedding special event arena.

    One classic use is the piece of wedding cake given to guests, and our Paper Twist, Deluxe and Gloss Laminated ranges of paper bags are just the ticket. Paper twist (particularly in the crisp white Kraft versions) are a simple, neat and economical use for wedding cake pieces, then the Deluxe version adds a black rope handle, and the Laminated full Gloss White bags with white rope string handle are the top of the line, sure to give every guest the added touch of "special" at the end of the wedding event.

    Some wedding planners might put together a pre-event kit of unique pieces that are ideal for presentation in a paper carry bag. Bag Mart has various sizes to suit the differing items, with the A4 size printed items in common use - Kraft Small White and Laminated White Medium a generous size for use with A4 sheets and adding other items in the bag too.

    Tissue paper are also a special combination with Paper Bags, able to add a splash of colour that can match most schemes for wedding events. We have a wonderful range of tissue colours on offer at wholesale prices in ream shipping quantity.

    If you are a Wedding Planner, Wedding Coordinator or Wedding Stylist, then please visit our online store at and discover the unique range of Paper Bags Wholesale in affordable carton quantity. They are guaranteed to be a great add-on asset to your customers special day in your unique business of Wedding events.

    The Bag Mart team.

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