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  • Paper Carry Bags for Antique Shops - Bag Mart Australia

    Antique shops use paper carry bags for customers purchasing a wide variety of items. Providing a quality paper bag is an important part of your customer service, and for the last 10 years, Bag Mart has offered a great range of paper bags suitable for any Antique shop.

    From the Brown Kraft with paper twist handles to a deluxe Gloss Red laminated bags with rope handles, there are many styles to choose from. All our bags are strong and able to carry the special items from Antique shops. Such items are sometimes heavy and unusually shaped, items that need a strong bag to keep them safe - the last thing anyone wants is to purchase an antique item and then the carry bag to fail.

    No matter what the item - retro, collectible, vintage, industrial - for china, glassware, jewelry, knickknacks and curiosity etc; all interesting and valuable items that Antique shops sell, and all items that need quality paper carry bags.

    Bag Mart Australia offers a good range of shapes and sizes in both landscape and portrait sizes,  that suit the many and varied items. Gusset sizes vary too, and there are colourful bags too if you want to match your logo colours. Matched with wholesale prices and fast delivery, Bag Mart can keep you stocked up with paper bags for all your valuable Antique items.

    The Bag Mart team.

  • Paper Bag Wholesaler - Bag Mart Australia

    For over 10 years Bag Mart has been a premier paper bag wholesaler in Australia, offering quality bags at affordable prices with fast delivery times. Now is a good time to experience the Bag Mart difference.

    Our paper bag quality is the foundation of our success. The Kraft paper is water treated before production, making the paper smooth and strong with good water resistance properties. During manufacture, all the seams are fully glued for maximum strength - an extremely important fact for overall bag strength. Paper twist handle designs are fully patch glued as well and make a very strong combination, available in Kraft White and Brown paper bags. Deluxe rope handle versions use a top edge fold with cardboard insert for triple layer strength, the rope handle secured inside with a pull-resistant knot. Deluxe paper bags with rope handles offer a unique lift in presentation for a wide variety of uses.

    Laminated paper bags are also available in our wholesale quantity and pricing. In addition to the Deluxe rope handle paper bag design, a film of plastic is laminated to the outside to achieve the highest quality gloss presentation in our bag range. Available in a classy range of colours as well as the popular Black and White styles, these bags are chosen by many businesses to match the quality of their products and services.

    Price is also an important factor. Available in carton quantity of 100 to 1000 units, low wholesale pricing is extended to every online customer, with extra discounts available on larger single orders too. Every customer needs their bags quickly too, and Bag Mart uses the best courier services to get your bags to you asap, with warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

    Bag Mart is pleased to have served thousands of customers over the past years, and we look forward to helping you too. We trust you will make us your preferred paper bag wholesaler.

    The Bag Mart team.

  • Plastic Carry Bags - Bag Mart Australia

    We have plastic carry bags in many bright colours and useful designs, available in both Low Density Gloss and High Density Matt finishes. Our range designs are strong and practical, sure to impress your customers at point of sale.

    Low Density (LDPE) is a thicker 50 micron gloss bag with a classic soft texture. The small sizes feature die cut handles and no gusset, with the large size using a reinforced die-cut handles to cope with the added weight this size can carry. The colours are very solid and striking, including traditional white and black.

    High Density (HDPE) are high strength 45 micron plastic carry bags, giving a slightly see-through crisp matt finish. Both small and large sizes feature a die-cut handle without gusset, and due to the higher strength of the HD plastic used, can cope with heavier items. These colours are slightly subdued with the matt texture, giving a more up-market presentation. Available in many colours, you are sure to find a colour that matches your store or corporate identity.

    Variations on the low and high density are available, with Flexible Loop handle solid colour designs, striped boutique bags, SALE bags and spotted designs.

    Frosted plastic carry bags are unique and classy, available in a range of useful sizes. Smaller items like jewelry and personal gifts are ideal for use with frosted plastic bags. Die-cut, loop and rigid handles are available, as well as the EPI 100% Bio-degradable clear frosted bags.

    All Bag Mart plastic carry bags are available in carton quantity at wholesale prices, easily ordered online with fast delivery. We hope to be of service for your store, corporate or private event.

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