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  • Bag Mart Paper Bags for The Games Shop

    Inner City Melbourne based retail & online shop The Games Shop have been a long time customer of Bag Mart Australia, preferring to use our Kraft brown paper carry bags instead of plastic bags. They have a great range of all sorts of games, both in the traditional physical board and card type games, right through to the sophisticated computer gaming.

    The Street Front Shop The Games Shop

    They loathe plastic bags and use our Deluxe version paper bags with the black rope handles, an extra touch of service. You can find them at The Games Shop, phone (03) 9602 2075, 328 Little Lonsdale Street Melbourne 3000.

    The Bag Mart Team.

  • Paper Bags for Florist & Fresh Flower Shops

    Busy florist shops need quality paper bags, and over the last 10 years Bag Mart Australia has served the fresh flower industry with paper bags of various shapes and sizes. With a demanding point of sale routine, retail Florists need the right support items on hand and high quality paper bags are definitely one of those items.

    The most common style is the Kraft Brown with paper twist handle, offering a good set of features. The first point is strength; water treated before manufacture, our paper bags are very strong even when they get slightly wet, offering a longer use time for items like fresh flowers where the water may escape and damage the bag. The second point is seam strength; every part of each seam is glued through, making each bag strong in the entire construction, a very important aspect when carrying fresh flowers that may lean on one part of the bag unevenly when carrying them. Thirdly is the handle strength; twisted paper handles that are glued into the top paper layer with a second strengthening strip, these paper handles will not pull out of the bag and provide the security needed for every customer.

    Finally, our wholesale quantity prices and fast delivery make the Bag Mart service one to trust right across Australia. On the go florists need reliable service support and Bag Mart has been providing this for over a decade.

    If you run a busy flower shop and take your business seriously, then Bag Mart is here to support you. Say it with flowers as they say - florists are an important part of our community, so we are pleased to be of service with quality brown paper bags.

    The Bag Mart Team.

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