SMASH! chooses Bag Mart Australia

The Sydney Manga and Anime Show, SMASH!, celebrated Japanese art and pop culture on the weekend. Thousands of fans swarmed over Rosehill Gardens carrying their purchases in red plastic carry bags supplied by Bag Mart Australia. SMASH! is Australia's largest Japanese-culture festival, featuring events such as art, costume play, workshops, gaming and performance. Like-minded fans interact with each other, exhibit their own creative talents and stroll through the countless stalls and stores.

SMASH! sells CD's, DVD's, games, models/figurines, paper craft and art each year in a highly busy environment. Here crowds of enthusiasts come to buy all the products SMASH! has to offer and tote them around for hours between events.

Manga and Anime art is known for it's blazing colours and vivid illustrations. Posters and screenings of flashing, dynamic cartoon characters set the scene for celebration. This famous style of exciting and spirited cartoon images is truly unique to Japanese pop art. Equally unique were thousands of vibrant red plastic carry bags dotted throughout the sea of people- just like confetti!

Smash 2017 Pic

SMASH! bought 15,000 bags at a great price, meeting their budget requirements.

The High Density matt finish and crisp texture of the HDPE bags suited the brilliantly-lit, electric atmosphere. With strong, die-cut handles, the bags were able to take relentless swinging, shaking, jolting and rough-handling with purchases inside. Our carry bags can withstand the activity of shoulder to shoulder bustle and SMASH! was confident that their customers' goods would be well taken care of.

Carry bags are just as much an aesthetic decoration as a vital component of practical and personal service. The overall look of your event depends on the little details. Bag Mart Australia offers plastic carry bags at economic, wholesale prices to complement all types of events while fulfilling strength and visual requirements. Choosing the right bags is a decision that will enhance your event and keep your customers happy!

The Bag Mart Team.