Paper Bags for Dress Shops

One of the most special and pampering attentions you can give your customers is to fold their new dress in a layer of tissue paper and nestle it into a stylish paper bag. Customers relish this service as part of the pleasure of buying quality clothes. Walking around town flashing a chic paper bag makes every shopper feel good! Presentation of dresses, shirts, pants and skirts in this 'fashion' is an appealing aspect to clients and shows the retailer's respect and appreciation for top class.

A difficulty for the boutique retailer is to find bags that aren't too expensive yet still look genuinely exclusive. When shopping online, many would agree that finding the right bag is not easy. Navigating through countless images and inspecting product size and features takes up precious time. Bag Mart presents our bags to the detail, having paid special attention to relative size comparison, lighting and placement so that our bags display their true quality and customers can see exactly what they're buying at a glance.

Our beautiful and quietly elegant boutique range features the classy landscape paper bags that are especially suited to the fashion market. For a lustrous look try the laminated paper bags - gloss black or white with rope handles or the low sheen matte range in bronze or gold. The kraft brown boutique or kraft white boutique bags with black rope handles offer a beachy, sporty or folksy look which makes them highly versatile. This style also comes in purple, red, beige and black striped bags with rope handles.

Dress Shops, a website offering a treasure trove of enlightening articles for serious business owners, lists 10 insider tips to enhance your boutique and will help you make your retail dress shop a success. Read the article here.

Bag Mart Australia's paper carry bags have cradled many precious purchases and helped all of our retail dress shop customers - and we can help you too!

The Bag Mart team.